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Compact Disc & Downloaded Album Categories

Music in the library is categorized as follows:

Ballet Ballet/Classical Big Band Bolivian
Celtic Choral Christmas Classical
Classical Guitar Country Ethnic German
Greek Hawaiian Instrumental Irish
Jazz Marches Miscellaneous Movie Soundtrack
Movie/TV Music Musical Musical (Broadway Cast) Musical (London Cast)
Musical Soundtrack New Age Novelty Oldies
Opera Orchestral Polynesian Soundtrack
Spanish Vocal Western (Incl. Country)  

If an album contains several types of music, category of the majority of the tracks will be listed.

Music and Album Reports:

Various reports are available in PDF format, allowing for quick searches using File/Find. Currently posted reports are:

Music Albums by Album Category, a listing by category showing Category, Album Title, Album Artist Album ID and Time

Classical Compositions by Composer, a listing sorted by last name, showing Composer Name, Composition Time, and Album ID.

Songs, Sorted by Title. This list excludes Classical, Ballet, and Opera titles.

Songs, Sorted by Artist. This list also excludes Classical, Ballet, and Opera titles.

Album Detail. This lists all music by Album ID, showing Album ID, Album Title, and Time of the album overall and each track.

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